Kimind’s team of seasoned experts have deep technical, IT integration and market evaluation expertise to help you bring in or develop Web 2.0 capacities to your company or organization.

Kimind can help you

  • Identify, select and evaluate the right Collaboration tools for your organization.
    • Usability and capacity for integration in existing IT infrastructure
    • Cost effective and positive ROI
    • Implement and integrate Web 2.0 capabilities in your infrastructure
  • Assemble project teams and develop websites 2.0 turnkey solutions either from existing platforms, or specific developments
  • Set up a strategy and offshore development teams with hybrid whose project managers are in the West and development teams in China or Romania.
  • Develop new services or adapt existing ones to be published in the internet or more specifically in the Google Apps marketplace and take immediately advantage of 2 million customers already involved in this new business ecosystem.
  • Host and develop applications in cloud computing environments whether Amazon S3/EC2 we use for many customers or Google App Engine to benefit from Google’s firepower.
  • Develop mobile applications for iPhone or Android, giving your users permanent access to your online services
  • Develop new applications to suit your specific business needs


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