Kimind launched its new web site, built from scratch with the WordPress open source framework. It is the best platform today to build a dynamic website. The Kimind web site is divided in two partsLe site Kimind est divisé en deux parties :

  • institutional pages presenting the company and our different offers
  • posts about daily news available from the home page allowing our customers and our prospects to be in permanent contact with us.

Kimind is choosing, obviously, to be transparent. Participation and collective intelligence are our key factors of development, so you are totally free to comment and interact with us through all the pages of our web site.

Kimind has also created a social bookmarking web site, Kimind News Community, to allow french people disseminated all around the world to share pertinent information about web 2.0, enterprise 2.0, sustainability and green tech information. 2.0 and green concepts are the heart of the new Silicon Valley business. We think that it is fundamental to share this valuers between us. So, don’t hesitate to participate 🙂

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