Miguel Membrado

Founder & CEO

23 août 2007

Miguel Membrado

Serial entrepreneur & Consultant
ErgoSum in 1989 (Paris)

Search Engine & Document Image Processing Software

Mayetic in 1996 (Paris)

Collaborative Workspaces, #2 worldwide on the Internet
250,000 users, 45,000 workspaces, 100 countries, 14,000 organizations

Netcipia in 2006 (Palo Alto)

Participative Business Ecosystem (free wiki-blogs)
Online Content Monetization

Kimind Consulting in 2007 (Paris/London)

Web 2.0 & Enterprise 2.0 Consulting & Services

Kimind Consulting

Entreprise 2.0

Consulting & Services to large companies
Enterprise blogging, participative project management, radical transparency, new participative customers relations, unleashing innovation and competitivity, agile management, …

Web 2.0

Consulting, Services & Coaching to startups
Online identity & reputation, blogosphere influence, participative strategies, Web 2.0 business plans & business models, start-up management, …

3 revolutions since 2000

Globalization 3.0
Web 2.0
Radical Transparency

Globalization 3.0

Empowers individuals
The World is Flat (Thomas Friedman)
Empowers individuals
10 forces inTowards Enterprise 2.0cluding :

Uploading & communities
The Steroïds (Digital, Personal, Mobile, Virtual)

Web 2.0

Unleash People Interaction
3 dimensions of Web 2.0


People centric
User Generated Content


the web as a platform
For working and exchanging


Ajax, Web Services, Widgets, Mashups, …

The long tail

The long tail – derivatives
A political long tail? 


Blogging – figures

User Generated Content

Oh My News

Social Networking


THE professional network


100 million users in 2 years


THE phenomenon
100,000 new users/day
50% daily active users!!
Viral marketing engine


To create its own social network

+ 746 other startups…


3D collaborative worlds
Recommandation websites
Participative e-commerce websites
Customizable home pages
Job 2.0
P2P banking

Web 2.0 has induced new usages

Information production
Participation, interaction, communication
Mass collaboration
Private life sharing
Seeking the truth
Content aggregation
Collective intelligence emerges by links and knowledge accumulation

Web 2.0 has induced new rules

Continuous experimentation
Direct discussion with the market
Global business with small teams
Not so much capital
New management style

Radical Transparency

The naked company
Before = Secret as a value
After = Transparency as a value

Reverse the relation to the information

« Ideas don’t have worth, execution is everything »

Strong examples

GoldCorps Inc.

Gold maps publicy published


Partner Business Ecosystem fully transparent


4,000 public blogs


Management difficulties publicly revealed

Secret is dead

Everything will be known one day
Faster and faster
Global memory
Google is no more a search engine, it is a reputation engine
Online identity & reputation
Crisis management


Professional Life
Private life
Political life (democracy 2.0)
Associative life

Towards the Entreprise 2.0

From Collaboration to Participation?
4 steps

The end of files/e-mails era
Participation vs Collaboration
Forget the control
Integrate clients, partners and subcontractors

The end of files/e-mails era

Replace files by
Online content production (Google Apps, Wikis, Blogs, etc…)
Acting online
Collaborating online
Replace e-mail collaboration by
One « container » by project (a wiki)
Capitalize ALL the information
E-mail retrieve it alert or input mechanism status
Persistant Instant Messaging

Participation vs Collaboration

Collaboration is to difficult!
Participation is easy 
Enterprise blogging
Inside or outside communication
Project blogging
Communities of practice
1 project = (at least) 1 wiki
Participative watching and bookmarking
80% participation – 20% collaboration
Self-service audios and videos repositories

Forget the control

Knowledge emerges by itself
Information sharing
Flat hierarchies
Non-structured information
Open discussions

Integrate customers, partners and subcontractors

Radical transparency
Open discussions


Collective Intelligence
Collective efficiency
Employee loyalty
Customer loyalty
Talent magnet


A new era thanks to techno / social / business convergence
Mandatory usage to understand
We are in the momentum
Transparency / Participation / Collaboration
Continuous experimentation

3 thoughts on “Towards Enterprise 2.0

  • Always thrilling to read your thoughts. I agree with you about these trends. I am a bit puzzled about what this means from a legal standpoint because there seems to be a loss of control, and thus a loss of accountability.

  • Thanks for your comment 🙂 There is a loss of control, but at the same time there all the actions can be tracked, like in the wiki. At any moment we can check who has done such modification. So the responsability of the people is complete and visible from everybody. It is why wikis are the right solution, because at the same time they provide more flexibility and they provide a more controlled system. But the control is done by the underlaying automatized level of the system, not by the people themselves.

    It seems to be the perfect balance.

    Of course you can see other problems with your professional point of view that I don’t see, so don’t hesitate to tell me if you think about specific matters, it is very insteresting.

  • Hello Miguel –

    I enjoyed the experience of your slides – towards enterprise 2.0. More like poetry than prose, they painted a picture for me that created feelings and experience rather than just being informed. Magnificent!

    I pasted the point that I would like to address with an observation – it seems to me that the legal profession in significantly unprepared to address the legal IP implications of enterprise 2.0.
    Radical Transparency

    The naked company
    Before = Secret as a value
    After = Transparency as a value
    As a coach and consultant, I have addressed the global supply chain issues (open sharing with trading partners) that turn the legal profession upside down in their efforts to protect corporate IP.

    Have you looked at this challenge?

    Kindest regards,
    Steve Edelman
    McLean, VA. USA

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