San Francisco, March 26 2008

NetcipiahomepageNetcipia, a Web 2.0 company founded in 2006 by Bruno de Beauregard and Miguel Membrado (former co-founders of Mayetic) in Palo Alto, has
launched the new version of its free online participative platform

This new version boasts advanced wiki-type functionalities that place Netcipia amongst the 10 top wiki platforms worldwide in terms of features and ergonomics.

Better yet! The first Web 2.0 service to offer both free and unlimited wikis and blogs within a single interface, Netcipia innovates again by enabling its users to charge for the online content they provide.

Netcipia place owners can charge for their content by offering:

  • Weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions giving access to the entire Netcipia Place.
  • Fee-based access to specific pages within the Place.
  • Time-limited access to the Place.

Whereas historically, advertisement has been the only way for users to earn some income for the content they provide, Netcipia
now enables every professional or expert-amateur to use the power of
Web 2.0 to build, expand and manage participative communities as well
as charge for valuable content
. In exchange for this service, there are not fixed costs: Netcipia will only charge a percentage for every transaction.

Consultants, teachers, gardeners, architects have already begun using
their Netcipia participative communities as a lucrative business tool,
using one or several of the three payment models available.

However, Netcipia can still be used free of charge to create one or several wiki/blog communities.

Netcipia therefore offers a Win/Win proposition:
Users can benefit from the Netcipia platform free-of charge to build
their community and offer their content worldwide, until they are able
to generate some income by monetizing their content through the use of
the Netcipia Online Expertise Monetization Platform.

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