Under the eSaganthan international conference held in Bombay (Mumbai), I gave a lecture on the Enterprise 2.0, where I unveil publicly for the first time the different concepts that I develop with my clients over the past several months.

I explain why our companies must move as quickly as possible to this new step, necessary to simply exceed the limits where are stuck their current organizations.

Without adopting the concepts of Enterprise 2.0 as soon as possible, our organizations will be unable to present a new quantum leap in terms of individual and collective productivity, because traditional information systems, and the organizations and management methods being associated become brakes, even a disorganization factor in many cases.

Only a real disruption in the organisation, that of the Enterprise 2.0, allow today to restore rationality and optimization in the daily work of individuals and teams for their benefit and that of enterprises.

(the lecture had been filmed, the video arrives in a few days with more details on my words)

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Slide 1: Kimind Consulting Kimind Consulting Towards Enterprise 2.0 – Strategy, Consulting & Coaching The Enterprise 2.0 Miguel Membrado Founder & CEO membrado@kimind.com Phone: +1 650 352 3372

Slide 2: 20 years of evolutionConsulting Kimind in CWE Kimind Consulting massive adoption Informational Dimension Heterarchical Web 2.0 (Participatory) Real Time Organizational Dimension Wikis Blogs Kimind Quadrant Web-based workspaces Traditional Collaborative Solutions (Lotus, Microsoft, …) Hierarchical Structured Unstructured © 2006-2008, Miguel Membrado – Kimind Consulting low adoption (knowledge)

Slide 3: Towards Enterprise 2.0 Kimind Consulting Kimind Consulting What is Enterprise 2.0  Evolution in organization, management and methodologies  8 technical pillars: wiki + blog + search + social bookmarking +  customized home pages + RSS + social networks For which benefits  Individual and collective productivity growth  Better: competitiveness and innovation ; collective intelligence ;  talent and customer loyalty Five Key concepts  The end of the e-mail/file era  Participation Age  Simplicity  Extended Organizations  Radical transparency 

Slide 4: A Disruption in the Daily Work Kimind Consulting Kimind Consulting e-Mail Internet Explorer MSOffice Local and Shared Files Traditional Daily Work Organization Inter-personal collaboration ; disorganization ; saturation ; waste ; redundancy ; information loss ; inefficiency ; complexity ; high costs ; … HOW TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE? WE HAVE REACHED A LIMIT! IMPOSSIBLE TO GO BEYOND WITHOUT A DISRUPTION… FireFox (open source) RSS Feeds Online Office Wiki Webmail/Chat Blog New Daily Work Organization rationalization ; organization ; team collaboration ; information repositories ; accumulation ; productivity ; simplicity ; low costs ; remote working ; …

Slide 5: Rationalization & Kimind Consulting Optimization Kimind Consulting BEFORE: Production+ e-Mail + attachments MS Office Local & Shared Files Communication+ Storage AFTER: Collaborative Production Wiki Interactive Communication Blog Collaborative Watch Social Bookmarking Collaborative Office Automation Online Office Information Consumption Customized Home Pages RSS Feeds & Monitoring Interpersonal Communication & alerts Webmail + Chat Socialization + social directories Enterprise Social Networks

Slide 6: HOW TO EVOLVE Kimind Consulting Kimind Consulting Informational Dimension Heterarchical (Participatory) Management Evolution Organizational Dimension Your organization tomorrow Kimind Quadrant IS Evolution Your organization today Hierarchical Structured Unstructured © 2006-2008, Miguel Membrado – Kimind (knowledge)

Slide 7: Conclusion Kimind Consulting Kimind Consulting A new step in terms of individual and collective  productivity is now possible By adopting Web 2.0 new usages for the Enterprise  Corporation Feedbacks from large accounts  exist for a few years The end of Microsoft supremacy on the desktop  Don’t be late to evolve  The change must be done TODAY…  … because there is a learning curve  … because your competitors will do it also 

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