Klatcher company is launching a portal for monetization of online content. They come out with a catchy slideshow with an interesting vision about what could be the next step of the Web 2.0: the monetization of content.

We have already initiated this process with Netcipia two years ago, allowing owners of Netcipia places to monetize access to their places, and their contents, by selling access rights through subscription-based fees or page-access fees. It is certain that more and more people will seek in the coming years to make money with their content, and this slideshow made by Sophocles (publisher of the solution klatcher.com) shows it clearly.

But I think there is a misuse of the term “Web 3.0” to describe this trend in the presentatino. Web 3.0 is already a term in use with currently two definitions: (1) the semantic web (USA) or (2) the Internet of the objects (in Europe). So adding a third definition is more confusing than another  thing, and the risk for this company is to not reach their goal clearly. I would recommend them to don’t use it.

About Web 3.0, my thoughts are that semantic web is essential of course for the future of the internet, because we’ll need to manage so much information that having mecanisms to structure and automate understanding of this content will be indispensable. But I’m not sure that this will be such a massive users revolution than web 2.0 has been. In the other hand, the internet of the objects, having any object of our daily life capable of interconnect and communicate each with the others, and even with our own environments (social networks, communities, personal organizers, etc…) will be a major usage transformation. In this sense, I think this will be a real revolution for all the users worldwide, like web 2.0 has been, and will lead to be the true web 3.0.

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