BlueKiwi has done two big steps today in his conquest of the Enterprise 2.0 software market:

Financial consolidation + global trade axis, these are two great steps over BlueKiwi to become a global player software. Is BlueKiwi going to be one of the few exceptions in the french high tech area to succeed starting from France? We hope so, and they provide the means:

  • their investor are strongly supporting them
  • BlueKiwi’s team is composed of smart people
  • two new offices will be opened in September in Boston and San Francisco, mandatory steps to be taken seriously by US businesses and realize the next fund raisings.
  • product is improving rapidly
  • SaaS solution is online for some months and is affordable
  • maturity of the market is growing rapidly despite (through?) crisis
  • they have strong customer references
  • competition exists, but is not as advanced

All qualities that make BlueKiwi can really become a worldwide leader in this market if the adoption by clients is at the rendez-vous.

So good luck again 🙂

2 thoughts on “Could BlueKiwi become a worldwide leader in Enterprise 2.0 software?

  • … and as a bluekiwi Partner, bluenove is very much enjoying the implementation process of the bluekiwi platform for our customers especially to tackle Open & Collaborative Innovation projects and challenges (we also enjoy the bluekiwi solution as a customer using it as a powerful Knowledge Management platform within bluenove, that we ‘open’ sometimes to external partners or customers)

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