Google Drive is being rolled out for Google Apps users. Google Drive is the place where you can create, share, collaborate, and store your data. Note that the first 5 GB are available for free.

It is important to point out that for the moment, you should download Google Drive individually. The transition from Google Docs to Google Drive will be taken care of progressively.

Google Drive is the replacement for Google Docs. Docs features are preserved while being enhanced by the new Drive.

Google Drive’s key points

Google Drive helps you save your Data on your local disk.

When you use Google Drive for the first time, it is proposed to install a client on your computer (local client). It is important to highlight the fact that the local client of Google Drive still does not replace the synchronization software such as or Insync, because what is recorded via Drive are not the files themselves, but links to your documents.

Regardless, when you click on one of your documents through your browser, it will open your document into your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc …). The full synchronization of your files will be installed later, for now, it must still be connected to the internet to access it. It is therefore recommended to use Drive with clients such as Box or Insync.

A Mac version is also available, and you can also download “Drive” app for your shelf or your smart-phone Android, iOS soon. Another interesting point is the ability to search your files by keywords and even set up filters to search based on file type, author, etc …

Adorn your Drive with useful apps

A major advantage of using Google Drive is the ability to add applications directly managed by other publishers. For example, if you need to create a “Mind Map”, you can add the application “MindMeister” from the menu “Create” by clicking “more” then “integrate other applications”. Clicking this button will redirect you to the Google Chrome Webstore. Other applications such as Balsamiq, Evernote, Slide Rocket, etc …, are also available.

Purchase of centralized storage space


Regarding the purchase of storage space, it is now centralized. Before Drive, additional storage space needed to be purchased by the end user, and it was not possible to do otherwise. Now, once the additional storage space is added, you can distribute it either individually or in groups.
You can purchase additional storage space that can be shared between Google and Picasa Web Albums Drive (note that the free storage can not be transferred between products).
Prices are attractive: $ 2.49/month to 25GB (100GB for $ 4.99/month). It is interesting to compare these prices with those offered by Dropbox, which is $ 19.99/month to 50GB, and, which is $ 45/month for 500GB. (Tariff details on the Support page of Google).
If you are a Kimind customer, you benefit from the purchase of this storage in the form of an annual subscription with two free months, renewed on the same date as your Google Apps licenses for a single billing.



In conclusion


With Google Drive, creating, sharing, and collaborating becomes meaningful. Since Drive was developed in the Google Apps environment, you can work with others in real time on documents, spreadsheets and presentations, as you were already doing with Google Docs.


Great things are expected of Google Drive.


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