Google Apps Vault helps companies of all sizes to easily and safely manage their most important information. It can help businesses to prepare for the unexpected and reduce the cost of litigation, regulatory investigations and compliance measures.

Google Apps Vault was developed to provide easier to use capabilities for archiving, retention and e-discovery for businesses. Until now, many small and medium enterprises have not been able to deploy solutions such as Vault due to the cost and complexity of the project. But now, customers can purchase Google Apps Vault online directly from the Control Panel.

The features of Google Apps Vault can be added to your Google Apps account for 5 $ more per user per month.

The duration of archiving is not limited in time, unlike Postini which was limited to 10 years. However, Google Apps Vault will completely replace Postini over time.

Google Apps Vault is currently only available for new Google Apps for Business and Education customers. Google Apps Vault will be available in the upcoming weeks.

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