Kimind’s service focus is to help companies and organizations effectively implement and embrace collaborative and participatory capabilities to meet their productivity, innovation and efficiency objectives.

With deep expertise in collaborative technologies and methodologies, Kimind offers a range of variety of Digital Transformation Business and Strategic Services and flexible models of engagement.

Digital Transformation Strategic Services

  • Develop vision and strategy to help you reach better business operational effectiveness by employing Web 2.0 tools and collaborative methodologies.
  • Clearly articulated return on investment and productivity gains (Payback, ROI)
  • Develop and recommend new practice and processes for Enterprise 2,.0
  • Evaluating new strategies for participatory customer relationships

Evaluation and Assessment Services

  • Review existing office productivity systems and collaborative environments
    • Recommendations for new processes and collaborative practice
    • Assets and new recommended tools, software and services
  • Identify projects and processes with high potential for increasing productivity

Launch, Training and Support Programs

  • Launch planning and execution of Enterprise 2.0 solutions and business practice
  • Train and support managers and users to efficiently use Enterprise 2.0 tools and solutions.
  • Coaching for effective management and coordination of virtual teams
  • Effective communication approaches with enterprise social media tools (blogs, microblogging)

Policy Services

  • Social corporate network policy to promote innovation, feedback and information sharing
  • Effectively managing your digital identify


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