Kimind, a Google Apps training center approved since 2007, realizes the benefits of Google Apps dedicated training for any type of profile, whether they are end users, managers, project managers, system administrators, developers or integrators.


Training programs are organized in a way so that they may be customized, as needed, and can cover both sessions of 1/2 days distributed over several days with many practical exercises focused on the actual problematics of the company.

Training can be done within the company or inter-enterprise in local training. Kimind is located in central Paris.


Our Training Packages
Short training
(1/2 day)
(1 journée)
(2 days)
(1/2 day)
½ day of express Training in order to learn the basics in all Gmail, Calendar, Talk, and Google Drive features A day of training in order to master Google Apps’ main features (Gmail, Calendar, Talk, Google Docs and Google Sites) and learn to be productive with them Two days of training using efficient work practices around your working processes in order to completely master the Google Apps features ½ of advanced training in the Administration of Google Apps and its associated services

All cases are covered, offering a Kimind of feedback the most comprehensive market by deploying among companies and accompanying change through the use of Google Apps since 2007.

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At Kimind, the major objective of the training is to teach trainees to take full advantage of the collaborative uses of Google Apps in order to change radically in terms of personal and team productivity.


Our goal is not to teach to click a particular button, Google products are intuitive enough to not require such basic training, but to teach the company, from business examples, to change the working habits of individuals and teams. As evidenced by users’ feedback, the results speak for themselves and trained companies reach a new level.

Kimind has trained many companies, as well as French and international organizations such as Valeo, NOC Capeor, Reporters Without Borders, Hédiard, Mr. Bricolage, Caltrop, Le Toit Angevin, Propharmed International, The Ministry of Agriculture of Haiti, …

Training can be done within the company or inter-company. Training rooms are located in the heart of Paris.

Kimind is an approved training organization under the number 11 75 46097 75


Contact us in order to evaluate your Training Project !


Training programs content

This is the detailed program of all the modules. Naturally, each module presented above contains all or part of the modules depending on the objective.

Google Apps Short Training

  • basic concepts of Google Apps

  • key points of email and chat features

  • Management of personal and shared calendars

  • creation and sharing of office documents

  • creating and managing forms

  • management of shared files and documents

Training GMail, Google Calendar and Google Talk (chat)

  • labs

  • conversations

  • Labels

  • multi-classification

  • search

  • AutoFilter

  • forwarding

  • Multiple Accounts

  • user settings

  • text chat / audio / video

  • Archiving

  • wireless synchronization

  • Agendas

  • Module offline

  • Group Calendars

  • sharing and advanced options

  • publication

Google Docs training lvl. 1

  • collaborative concept underlying documents & spreadsheet

  • main features

  • access rights management

  • sharing and real-time access

  • Release Management

  • PDF generation

  • import / export

Google Docs training lvl. 2

  • Google presentation

  • templates

  • creation of Google form

  • Google Drawings

  • collections and sharing collections

  • Imports and conversions

  • file sharing of large volumes

Google Sites Training

  • Sites created for intranet / extranet

  • concept of pages and page types

  • Hyperlinks

  • management trees of pages

  • Release Management

  • arranging and conducting of Sites

  • dressing and setting of Sites

Training to advanced features Google Docs + Sites

  • integration of Google Docs and Sites

  • publication of charts from spreadsheets in pages of Sites

  • use of the Sites for intranets

  • project management and multimedia sites

  • templates pages and templates for reused Sites

  • scripting in Spreadsheet and Sites

  • SEO Public Sites

Additional training services Google

  • implementation of additional services of Google labs (moderator, short URL)

  • discovery of the Google Apps Marketplace

  • anticipating changes

  • other Google services such as complementary

  • Google AdWords (advertise)

  • Google Analytics (usage statistics

  • Google Webmaster tools (SEO)

  • Google AdSense (monetization of its sites)

  • etc …

Training Administration Google Apps lvl. 1

  • basics of Google Apps

  • notions of cloud computing and SaaS

  • settings of the various services

  • DNS Management

  • management of multiple domains

  • users

  • groups

  • mailing lists

  • assignment of subdomains

  • limitations and restrictions of Google Apps

Training Administration Google Apps lvl. 2

  • Imports of existing (messaging, contacts, calendar)

  • notion of dual routing

  • setting of additional services

  • Setup for Postini message security

  • advanced management of mobile

  • implementation of a statistical environment based on Google Analytics