Google Apps is the online messaging and collaborative solution from Google.
Launched in 2007, it has already attracted two million businesses of all types worldwide. Kimind has helped dozens of companies, such as Valeo or Caltrop, migrate to the Google Apps suite.

This solution provides the complete management of your basic IT needs, and lets you fully concentrate on your core business.

Key strengths of Google Apps to improve your information systems

  • a solution immediately functional without installation
  • adaptable to your existing systems as necessary (e.g. synchronization with Outlook)
  • immediate reduction of your computing costs by a factor of 5 to 10
  • reduction of energy consumption
  • no servers to deploy, manage, administer, and upgrade
  • no software licenses to acquire and manage, including the servers’ OS, the office suite, antivirus, …
  • no update costs, no storage problems (only pay what you use and add as needed)
  • possibility to work offline with Google Gears
  • secure interconnection and authentication protocols (Single Sign On – SSO – interconnection to corporate directories, …)
  • push mail synchronization for blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile, including contacts and calendars
  • highest service level for companies (99.9% uptime as part of a service guarantee SLA)
  • secure infrastructure

Key strengths of Google Apps to improve your collaboration

  • the most complete suite of collaborative tools: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Talk (chat + audio + video conf), Google Video, Google Moderator, Google Shortlinks
  • ubiquitous access (from mobile phones, home computer, laptop, etc …)
  • simplified sharing and full synchronization of information and documents internally and externally
  • simultaneous modification by multiple collaborators
  • secure access to information with full control of permissions
  • project management optimized with Google Sites
  • customizable templates for documents and sites for ease of use and consistency
  • online document production to leverage the company’s information and improve document handling
  • continuous innovation by Google engineers (average 1 new feature per week)

and many other things …

Take advantage of the Google Apps’s offer by Kimind now
from 50 $ per user per year



Kimind is a Google Apps Authorized Reseller and has the experience to help you get the most from the Google Apps solution

In addition to providing migration and installation services for Google Apps, Kimind can also help you maximize the benefits of the platform by guiding you in transforming your collaboration and work methods:

  • Kimind can manage all your Google Apps tools and customize them to suit your needs, constraints and work flows
  • as a expert in collaborative methods with over 25 years of experience in IT, the Kimind team promotes the adoption of new tools and the adoption of new techniques through training classes and seminars
  • Kimind’s offer is unique because it is tailored to your needs and comprehensive. Moreover, Kimind is able to step up its services to meet your requirements and host specific applications as needed
  • with Kimind, you  benefit from experience gained on similar projects with large accounts. Valeo‘s case is a world premiere because this large account, with which Kimind has been engaged for a year, has chosen the entire Google Apps suite to ultimately replace Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes in 90% of their daily use (more on the Valeo case study …)


As a Google Apps Authorized Reseller, Kimind’s whole team is at your disposal alongside Google to initiate studies and migrations, and support your users in adopting these new tools. We have already done it for companies such as Valeo or Caltrop, why not you?

More information on the Kimind’s method? …