Conceive and develop SharePoint applications and optimise as much as possible the adoption of your Microsoft infrastructure


You have a Microsoft SharePoint platform in place, but your users are having trouble using it ?

  • Develop business applications over SharePoint, for final users, that enable your company to fully benefit from the power of this platform.
  • Bring your users in the era of easy collaboration with the social features of SharePoint 2010.
  • Kimind conducts conversational portals, business applicationstraining environments, best practices communities,enterprise social networks, …
  • Kimind’s technical teams can ramp up quickly, at low cost, and work for clients based in North America, South America, France, Spain and Switzerland.
  • Kimind can provide services in packages (on the basis of a set of detailed functional specifications).




A few references


Our references are all currently confidential. More information can be given to you by our sales department during the review of your development project.


Case studies

  • A conversational portal : all employees of our client connect to a single portal, a new generation portal, focused around business conversations that can be launched by geographic locations, business networks or communities of interest. The conversations are updated in real time and facilitates the involvement of all targeted stakeholders of the company according to their levels of certification. The portal also serves as a point of entry or of daily feedback from various business applications of the enterprise’s information system.
  • A government website : mixing power requirements of flexibility and controlled public access, this site was created using a SharePoint technology to enable government agents to select the documents, to publish them once validated through workflow processes, and offer different points of views to the citizens of countries according to their demands. A first level of participation has also been implemented to allow exchange between the public and the agents.
  • An online training catalog : a training catalog provided in the company allows employees to select courses that interest them and which they can register to. The requests are then passed through a validation workflow. It can be different types of training depending on the status and rights of individual employees. Communities of interest are formed and all participants of the training can continue to share best practices in an online friendly, easy to use environment, and integrate them into their conversational portal.
  • A platform for best practices communities : animation of the best practices communities by function, business or domain of expertise is crucial for the flow of information within a company, especially since it is large and divided into distinct geographic locations. For this large international account-we have made an environment of best practices communities on two levels: a first level associated with the hierarchical and functional individuals, automatically created from the employees’ directory. And a second-level designed for self-service where employees can create their communities and promote the group themselves so that other employees can join. The heaviness of SharePoint are particularly hidden for the users to experience it in a simple and friendly way, and can therefore be completely focused on sharing information and practices.




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