Get Collaboration Done!™
a collaborative practices’ adoption methodology

The methodology Get Collaboration Done!™ developed by Kimind, enables real adoption of collaborative practices.

Kimind found out on the field that new collaborative technologies are indeed very rarely adopted despite the training received/followed by users in a traditional change management paradigm.

Kimind’s methodology is based on concepts coming from scientific research of the past 50 years for the dissemination and adoption of new technologies. It distinguishes the ownership of tools (use) and the acceptance of applications (rules and consequences). The combination of the two leads to a sustainable and productive adoption of collaborative practices.

Adoption curves

Kimind’s methodology is based on an accompaniment process and operational advice close to users’ needs: Kimind gets involved in the daily activities of the working communities and demonstrates the contribution of collaborative technologies; Kimind accompanies the transformation of business processes, which can be necessary, and promotes a natural adoption of new work practices.

The methodology consists in two major phases :

  1. First, the “Ignition” phase. It is an investment. It requires a lot of energy because it implies a timespan of 5 to 6 months of training, monitoring and coaching of a hundred people in the effective transformation of their daily work processes.
  2. Second, the “transformation“. It transforms the rest of the organization with a controlled virality process, based on the achievements of the users of the initial phase.

The results are measurable; they show an increase in work efficiency that can be equivalent to more than half a day/man per week, that is to say potentially 1 hour of time saved per person per day!

These results also indicate a tangible measurement of ROI for the overall organization. These benefits are very motivating for users, because they participate in the adoption method as well as in the definition of a transformation and performance strategic goal for the organization by its leaders.

Get Collaboration Done ROI

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