• Accompany the IT Department in its own evolution to become a Transformation IT Department to the organization and no longer be an Operational IT Department. The objective is that it becomes proactive in the transformation of the organization through new information technologies
  • Implement information architectures allowing the different components of the information system to communicate among themselves and consolidate a number of data for future automated processing
  • Deploy a collaborative solution within an organization to promote information exchange and performance of the organization with its clients (citizens). From the Pilot phase to the Transformation of work practices phase, along with the change management and mail migration, we offer a comprehensive and coherent framework in the short, medium and long term
  • Analyze an organization’s business processes to optimize them and make them compatible with digital processing


City of Vincennes

Assistance to Project Management during three years.

  • Study of the framework for the implementation of an information system in the future Multi-channel single sign-in
  • Design and urbanization of the information system around a BPM to make the city autonomous
  • Redaction of specifications and request for proposal opening for project management
  • Monitoring of the contractor and deliveries’ income for a kickoff in September 2015
  • User Support in the creation and redesign of business processes (60 integrated processes for the single sign-in)

To this day, the city of Vincennes has won 5 national awards for this project.