collab test 2Kimind methodology is based in the three-stage lifecycle of Enterprise 2.0 implementation:

1Developing an Enterprise 2.0 Strategy
2 – Building modern, agile and efficient solutions

3 –
Transforming collaborative practice and process

Kimind can uniquely tailor a range of services to suite your organization’s current strategies, needs and operational context.   Whether you are a large company, or small business, government organization or early-stage startup, Kimind will help you assess your strategic needs for effective Web 2.0 collaboration environments and practice.

Kimind takes your strategic objectives and provides you with cost effective and focused implementation options.    Kimind will help you implement tools, applications and integrations together with developing effective use and collaboration practice to maximize operational efficiencies and workforce adoption.

For your business or organization Kimind can:

  • Organize and conduct discovery seminars and intra-company conferences to heighten key stakeholders of the organization awareness (cf. catalog of seminars and conferences…)
  • Design adoption strategies for new Enterprise 2.0 paradigms to help companies improve productivity, enhance creativity and accelerate innovation.
  • Integrate the participatory dimension of Enterprise 2.0 into the company’s products, its ecosystem and its business models (cf. rethinking…)
  • Select, deploy, integrate and customize  scalable software services, to your companies collaborative and participatory needs (cf.  building…)
  • Web 2.0 sites development by the Kimind ‘s development team (cf.  building…)
  • iPhone and Androîd application developments
  • Collaboration practice and process rollout:  Kimind candevelop and implement programs to support users in their daily work to help them adopt and disseminate new collaborative pratices enabling them to be more effective and productive. (cf. transforming…)
  • Provide coaching services for management teams  in order to help them to adopt to both Web 2.0 new challenges and opportunities in  their organizations (cf. transforming...)

For Small Companies and Startups Kimind can:

  • Design and implement turn-key 2.0 projects, from the initial idea to the final solution
  • Develop business plans and business models that incorporate the potential of Web 2.0 in business operations, customer service, partner relationships and marketing.
  • Integrate the participatory dimension into product specifications
  • Coach management teams
    • modern organization of teams  –  locally, globally and virtually
    • to adopt and implementtools that foster creativity and innovation while leveraging information
    • to organize development teams and offshore process management using Enterprise 2.0 productivity and communications methods and tools
    • create and manage of offshore development teams

These service are custom-made. Thank you to contact us for more details…

For Venture Capital Companies Kimind can:

  • Provide due diligence services to help estimate the technological and economic opportunity of investment applications
  • Coach start-ups’ managers and founders – Kimind staff have been successful entrepreneurs
  • Provide introductions to  skilled-collaborators
  • Screen investment applications