Kimind is Google Apps Authorized Reseller.

Such as, Kimind is helping companies to improve drastically the usage of their information system, both in messaging and collaborative dimensions.

By adopting the new Enterprise 2.0 paradigm promoted by Google Apps cloud-based environment, companies of any size can benefit of :

  • cost reduction migrating from Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes Domino messaging systems to Google Apps messaging environments (5 to 10 times cost reduction)
  • productivity paybacks by leveraging real time collaboration among employees in a way that was unimaginable before.

With its original method and its expertise based on hundreds of collaborative environments deployed this last years, Kimind drives your adoption in three main phases:

  1. Before the deployment: helping you to understand the needs of your employees and the lacks of your current information system, to better leverage new processes and find key people to adopt them
  2. During deployment: coordinating the first real pilots deployed, working on daily-life processes and extracting the metrics to optimize adoption
  3. After deployment: accompanying employees in the usage and process transformation of their daily work, on-demand, to ensure that any problem will be immediatly solved and that individual and collective benefits will be visible to everybody. This is the key of a the global adoption.

Our project managers are ready to help you in all this phases.