The Kimind methodology about offshoring, at the opposite of the traditional offshore companies, is to provide small teams, dedicated, only with experimented engineers, and able to work through agile methodologies, with very few starter specifications, and not the traditional strong processes used by huge companies but totally inadapted for the startups.

Kimind is specialized in delivering small teams (3 to 15 people), very experimented, and trained to use the modern methodologies of development and project management.

The methodology used is from the agile family of methodologies, based on the SCRUM method. Cycles of spec/dev are very short, usually 15 days, to keep a constant pressure on the team, and to avoid any “tunnel effect”. The relation with the client is constant and Kimind provides a full repository of information, asynchronous and in real time, using netcipia platform for team blogging and wiki repository, and Skype for daily real-time interaction.

Based on a hybrid model, Kimind technical teams are composed of an offshore development team and a project leader based in the western country which is the single interface with the client, working on specifications from both sides, setting up the offshore team, managing the daily work and interaction necessary for agile methods, and delivering the final results. Q&A process can be integrated to the team, or externalized.

Projects can be financed on a fixed-price basis upon starter specifications or on a monthly-price basis.