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RepenserThe impact and potential of Web 2.0 is being felt inside business and work environments around the world. Web 2.0 in the enterprise — Enterprise 2.0 — are the combined collaborative and participatory tools, social networking and new media content, user-generated-content capabilities that allow knowledge workers inside the enterprise to work more productively, and to interact with greater effectiveness with customers and partners.

Enterprise 2.0 gives work teams, — local, global and virtual — the capacity to do sustained work together across time and geography, allows the internal expertise and knowledge of employees to be better utilized and leveraged, enhances communications internally and externally and helps organizations become more innovative and competitive.

Kimind’s primary mission is to help companies and organizations effectively embrace these new collaborative and participatory capabilities and meet their productivity, innovation and efficiency objectives.

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Consulting Services

  • Assisting organizations in designing  projects to address new business opportunities
  • Analyzing an Enterprise 2.0 strategy, the return on investment and productivity gains (Payback, ROI)
  • Providing a prospective vision, analysis of  new practices and process changes
  • Studying the evolution of existing office automation systems and collaborative environments
  • Training and supporting managers and users to use new Web 2.0 new tools and Enterprise 2.0 solutions implement in the company
  • Identifying projects and processes with high potential for increasing productivity
  • Developing a social corporate network policy to promote innovation, feedback and information sharing
  • Evaluating new strategies for participatory customer relationships

Discovery Seminars

Kimind provides a range of discovery seminars conducted in the form of one-day workshops utilizing practical cases and exercises adapted to the current challenges or opportunities of each company.

  • S1: Expedition to the heart of Web 2.0
  • S2: Discovery of Enterprise 2.0
  • S3: Management of virtual teams
  • S4: Fluid communication with corporate blogging
  • S5: Improving project management with wikis
  • S6: Exploring the power of Google Apps
  • S7: Initiating a company social network
  • S8: Managing your digital identity

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Reference example

Kimind helped a major European car part manufacturer, with 30,000 employees around the globe in to develop a new strategy to advance its office automation and collaborative solutions to a more comprehensive Enterprise 2.0 strategy.

Kimind first completed a study of the company’s 10-year strategic vision on it’s market evolution and outline the organizational strategies and collaborative technology that their workforce would need to work more effectively in teams, both virtually and with increasing global presence.

Kimind subsequently helped the company in determining the solutions they would need by working across the company in various project teams and gathering input and feedback from various user communities in the company.

After completing for this company the study of the strategic vision over 10 years on the market evolutions and transformations in terms of organization and usages for management and employees of the group (target 30,000 posts), Kimind has participated in the determination of the solution by accompanying project teams in different driving phases and organizing the different users feedbacks necessary for final decision.

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