Kimind’s services: 1- Rethinking… | 2- Building… | 3- Transforming

Change, Agility, Effectiveness, Adoption, Dissemination, Collaboration, Sharing,
Virality, Participation, Wirearchy, Transparency, Openness, …

TransformerAll these new concepts, that have already become a reality for many innovative companies are the foundation of new ways of working, more efficient and productive, while being more respectful of individuals, their abilities, skills and their contributions to the company.

But decades of work habits do not go away in one day. In a new multi-generational corporate environment, where for the first time 4 generations work together, with training and ownership of resources of the Internet very different, it is necessary to conduct a policy of change particularly adapted.

This is the third mission Kimind, accompanying the company and its employees in the transformation of practices and processes. Usage transformation rather than change management, because we must develop new thinkings, new habits, which require a significant initial effort but deferred for a result that is worth it. Process transformation,  since all these solutions are primarily deployed to enable collaborative and make it possible to take into account the multitude of existing informal processes in the enterprise, and not covered by traditional tools or by email.

Types of missions

  • Learning to use collaborative workspaces
  • Deploying a strategy for corporate blogging
  • Deploying and running corporate social networks
  • Bringing together communities of practice
  • Initiating a strategy of “radical transparency”
  • Promoting the capitalization of knowledge and collective intelligence
  • Transforming the project management into partipatory and agile  management
  • Assisting managers in the ownership of the participatory management

Case Study

Kimind has accompanyied car parts manufacturer in its strategic evolution to change  its collaborative and office solutions.

After helping this large-account in the study of opportunity and choice of solution (Google Apps to replace Microsoft Office solutions and Lotus Notes/Domino), Kimind has continued its work in supporting the issue of usage and process transformation.

This mission is to assist users in adopting new ways working and doing business thanks to Google’s enterprise 2.0 approach, and to change existing processes to new usages (more efficient and productive), made possible through the new solutions deployed.